The logistics department in an organization is constantly weighed down by carriage of inventory and freight cost, labour cost, consolidation blues, special tariffs, escalating of transportation charges, custom clearance laws and procedures not to mention red tape, destination country laws and tariffs. Now you can discover the unlimited benefit by handing over the logistics activities to the house of Insoorya Express Cargo. The Insoorya Express Cargo's expertise in this field will offer you not just the ease of operations but also significant reduction in capital costs. Supply Chain Management (3PL/4PL) Supply chain management (SCM) is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the operations of the supply chain as efficiently as possible

  • Fast Forward Freight's SCM refers to 3PL/4PL services.
  • Improving your competitive edge.
  • Reducing operational costs.
  • Using FFPL's advanced IT platform.
  • Gaining access to FFF's in-house specializations.
  • Full control of FFF's information flow.
  • Upon customer request shipment data is sent to any of the involved parties.

Increased Reach in the Market Using the Insoorya Express Cargo 3PL services, you can opt for a wide-scale market expansion without worrying about logistical part. With Insoorya Express Cargo you can plan to expand to a phenomenal 600 plus locations across India. Flexible and Timely service A part of the Insoorya Express Cargo 3PL gamut of services include accuracy, dependency, and efficient shipment of orders, with detail neatly with your time schedules Insoorya Express Cargo offers you a 24X7 commitment to delivering your products - so that your business gets the place utility advantage, it deserves. This means your product reaches the markets of your choice, when needed, where needed.

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